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Thief Breaks Down Glass Door to Steal Mobile Phones, Turns Out He Took Worthless Demos



"Smart" - WORLD OF BUZZ 5
Source: MailOnline

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This news is going to make you LOL all the way!

According to MailOnline, a “smart” thief was caught on CCTV surveillance camera stealing eight mobile phones from a store in Jiangsu city of Yangzhou, China without even realising that they were demo phones. Man, not worth it at all!

The thief risked serious injury while attempting to break the store’s glass door to grab those “luxury” gadgets. This incident is said to have occurred around 1am on Friday (Jan 11).

Source: MailOnline

From the above video, you can see how the thief, who was wearing a jacket and a hat with cartoon print had tried his level best to break into the store. After failing to unlock the door, the man decided to smash through the glass instead. 

Later, he was seen picking all the mobile phones from the display unit on the table and quickly walked away from the scene. 

Shown below are the screenshots (footage) of the thief attempting to break into the store:


Source: MailOnline

"Smart" - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: MailOnline

However, according to an employee, it is later discovered that the stolen mobiles turned out to be demo phones, which makes them worthless. The real mobile phones were actually locked away in a safe place inside the store.

"Smart" Thief Thought He Had Stolen Mobile Phones, Turns Out That They Were Actually Demo Models - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: MailOnline

The employee also said that replacing new glass doors would actually cost more than the loss of the demo phones. There was no mention whether the police managed to trace the suspect but with the burglar’s skills, it probably wouldn’t take long for them to find him!

"Smart" - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Photo for illustration purposes only | Source: IndiaMart

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