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Thief Kantoi After Owner Sees Him Bragging About His Stolen Bike on WhatsApp Group



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Source: Harian Metro

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Sometimes, there’s no one else you can blame for your mistakes except for yourself. 

Just yesterday, a Malaysian man dug his own grave when he uploaded a picture of a motorcycle he had stolen in a WhatsApp group. Little did he know that the owner of the motorcycle was in that group as well!

According to The Reporter, a 26-year-old man from Segamat, Johor stole a red SYM motorcycle last week. Instead of laying low, he decided to post a picture of the stolen motorcycle in a WhatsApp group, inviting ladies out for a joy ride. 

Segamat district police chief Superintendent Raub Selamat said,

“Unfortunately, he (the suspect) wasn’t aware that the motorcycle owner was in the WhatsApp group as well. In fact, the owner had lodged a police report last week following the theft.”

“The motorcycle owner then informed us about the picture. We quickly assigned a female personnel to pretend to be a civilian who showed interest in the motorcycle and agreed to go for a ride with the suspect.

The personnel contacted the suspect and agreed to meet under a bridge 30 metres away from the Segamat district police headquarters. She was accompanied by a few policemen hiding nearby.”

The suspect happily arrived at the scene thinking he was going to get lucky, not knowing he was about to get busted. A few policemen then ambushed him and put him in handcuffs when he tried to shake hands with the lady. Kantoi!

Source: Harian Metro

Preliminary investigations revealed that the man is unemployed and he tampered with the motorcycle’s registration number to avoid getting detected.

This just goes to show that you can never escape the long arm of the law!


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