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Thief Walks Away With Cash-Register Money After Allegedly Using Hypnosis on Staff In Mont Kiara Store




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The saying goes that whether by hook or by crook, if someone wants something, they’ll find a way to get their hands on it. And in the case of thieves, we have seen many incredibly inventive ploys being created for the sake of cashing in a quick buck.

Whether it be pretending to be KKM staff asking for swab tests or policemen flagging your car down to ‘spot check’, it pays to be extra careful when you’re out and about, lest you fall victim, like this young woman had to the ploy of thieves.

In an incident that was recently shared to WORLD OF BUZZ by an anonymous source, it was found that thieves are now apparently pretending to be contractors, walking into stores to demand payment for work allegedly done for store management, before running away with the stolen money.

One such case happened in Mont Kiara after a young woman was confronted by a man who had walked into her store where she worked as a cashier and handed her a slip of paper. According to the man who walked in, her supervisor had asked him to come to the store to collect payment from her, as he had been hired to do some maintenance work at her supervisor’s house. Prior to this, he was seen in the store holding the piece of paper in hand, before bringing it up to his mouth.

On the slip of paper, he had written ‘RM400/-‘, and expected her to pay the amount indicated to him.

The owner noted that during the retelling of the incident, the cashier’s memory was uncertain. It is suspected that some form of hypnosis or ‘jampi’ was used to coax the cashier into giving away the money, but this has not been confirmed.

He even asked for her supervisor’s number, and told her that her supervisor would come and replace the RM400 taken from the till later. Allegedly, she only remembered having seen the number ‘400’ on the slip of paper as she handed the cash over.

As you can imagine, right after receiving the money, the ‘contractor’ made a hasty exit. And it turns out upon being contacted, her supervisor had no knowledge of any contractor being hired on his behalf to do anything, and a police report has been lodged over the matter. While elements of witchcraft and folklore are uncommon, it is worth to be sure that you’re on your guard at all times when out and about.

Which goes to show that crimes can take place anywhere, and at any time! So you really can’t afford to be too relaxed, and should always keep your guard up! 


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