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Things Right-handers Wouldn’t Understand That Lefties Go Through



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The world’s population is made up of approximately 90% of right-handers. Since righties are the majorities, being a lefty can sometimes feel special, and other times not. Unfortunately for lefties, there’s bound to be some inconveniences living in the world designed for right-handed people.


1. Smudges


The struggle is real. Lefties experience smudging problems because our hands would rest on the fresh ink when writing left to right. Nothing can be any more annoying having your precious work constantly covered in ink smudges.



2. Astonishment from righties


“WOW, you’re a left-handed?”

Being left handed is something we’re born with. We did not choose the left-handed path, the left-handed path chose us. So writing with our left hand doesn’t mean we have super powers, or makes us feel anymore special. Although sometimes we do like that thought.


3. Bumping elbows with most people


Whether it is eating, writing notes, doing work, anything that requires sharing a desk or table, our elbows are bound to bump. It can be inconvenient at gatherings, especially when seated at a round table.


4. Right-handed tools


You’re only a lefty if you realise this world is design to cater to right people. Scissors, desk chairs, binder note books, mugs you name it. Growing up, lefties will just have to adapt, like using the mouse with your right hand, we’ll eventually get used to it. Yes, the struggle IS real.


5. Righties saying you’re smart


“You’re left handed? You must be smart!”

It’s okay if you’re smart, but lefties are basically any other right handed human life form out there. We are human too. So sometimes being presented with that statement, or even being teased by it can put you under some pressure.


6. Instruments


Wanted to pick up a new hobby playing music? String instruments like the guitar, bass, or violin is practically a thousand times harder because it’s, yeap you guessed it, made for right handed people. Either you get used to it, or buy a custom made one.



7. Utensil arrangement


Eating out at restaurants where their utensils are already placed properly only meant everything is the exact opposite of how you need it to be.


8. Getting excited when a fellow celebrity is left handed


Being the 10% of human population can become pretty exciting when you find out your favourite celebrity is also one! Here’s some just to name a few: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, David Archuleta, Justin Beiber (i hear you haters), Seth Roge, Ashley Tisdale, Keanu Reeves, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey.


9. Listening to theories about left handers


The inevitable. Being 1 out of 10 has made you the odd one out, hence there are many theories of how left handers are different from right handers. Whether you are born with more creativity, being smarter, have a shorter life span, these are the most common of being heard of, or even being asked by. However, there are people who can come up with some pretty ridiculous theories such as one that claims left handers are the product of one twin”absorbing” the other twin, leaving only one twin.

Well, we’ll just call that..


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