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This Cat is Crying Because of Onions Being Cut and Malaysians Can’t Get Enough of It



Source: Twitter

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Notorious onions have done it again. It is known to all human as the most powerful tearjerker in the planet (next to Titanic and Forrest Gump). However this time, the vegetable preyed on a pet cat named “Memet”.

According to a post on twitter by Deana Adziz, she was slicing some onions when she noticed that her cat was actually affected by the odour and started to tear up. The sight of her crying cat was too hilarious that she decided to share it with the world.

In her Tweet she wrote,

“Was cutting onions when I realised ‘someone’ beside me was crying.”

Source: Twitter

She even apologised for taking blurry photos because she was laughing too hard to keep the camera stable.

The cat was seriously so affected that the photos Deana posted along with the Tweet showed it. The cat was literally crying with beads of tears flowing down its cheeks!

Source: Twitter

The tweet instantly went viral with over 24,ooo retweets and 18,000 likes.

Turns out it was not a rare occasion as more people have admitted witnessing the same situation from their cats as well.

Source: Twitter

Noticing the joy that Memet had brought to people, Deana created a meme from the pictures and started a #memetchallenge where people could share their creative memes of her cat. Overjoyed by the post, some people even requested to save the pictures.

Source: Twitter

To those who think that Deana was bullying her cat, don’t worry, Deana have made Memet feel better by giving her treats.

Source: Twitter

Aww so cute!

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