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This Company Actually Made Durian Whisky Out of 100% Musang King & It’s Produced in Malaysia!



'The Durian Whisky' Is Made In Malaysia and It's An Unexpected Crossover! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Durian Whisky and MYC!

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It looks like every other day there’s something new made out of durians. There’s another new durian concoction in town and it’s pretty unexpected.

The Durian Whisky was the talk of the town when it was introduced in Singapore not long ago, Star2 reported. This new invention had durian lovers excited and many people wondered what actually went into the durian whisky.

According to The Durian Whisky’s official page, they only use premium Musang King durians to make this drink. The company also stated on their website that they use their own “patented fermentation technology.”

The Durian Whisky is produced from 100% Musang King flesh, has added ethanol and sugar, carries 18% alcohol base volume (ABV), and it costs RM296 for a 250ml bottle and RM599 for a 750ml bottle.

A Facebook post by Singaporean whisky blog called Dramocracy explained that The Durian Whisky is actually manufactured by a Malaysian company known as Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd.

According to Star2, some said that The Durian Whisky doesn’t exactly classify as a whisky. Originally, whiskys are spirits distilled from grain origins which are usually made from barley, grain, corn, rye or wheat. The Durian Whisky, however, is made out of 100% Musang King durian flesh and that doesn’t exactly fit the traditional definition of whisky.

The writer at Star2 wrote that a more accurate classification for this drink would be brandy because it’s a more usual term used for spirits that are distilled from fruits. It could also be called a durian liqueur and if the sound of that interests you, maybe you should give it a go! If nothing else, at least you can tell your friends that you have tried durian alcohol!

Would you want to try this new alcohol out? Let us know in the comments section!


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