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This Company Is Offering People RM7,800 To Sleep Every Night For 15 Days & We’re Already Signing Up!



Source: Spine Health

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You know how when you’re working and you have the constant urge to just want to sleep, but can’t because sleep doesn’t pay the bills and so you stay and continue working? Well well well, apparently a company in Nottingham are suggesting that sleep can in fact pay the bills!

Hillarys offices in Nottingham is on the lookout for someone to fall asleep every night for 15 days, and is willing to pay that successful candidate £1,400 (RM7,883). The catch is that there is none, except for the fact that it probably won’t be a sleep that is as peaceful.

The interior specialists at Hillarys intend to research the impact of light and sound while people rest. So, the candidate will be asked to wear a sleep monitoring device so that specialists can see how different conditions affect the quality of rest. The conditions would include the use of blackout curtains and different light and sound conditions.

Once awake, the candidate would then need to fill in a questionnaire so the company can better understand the results of the various environments. For the duration of the research, the candidate will spend 14 nights at Hillarys Offices Nottingham with travel expenses included and then get paid about RM132,000 (£24,000) pro-rate for their efforts.

Talk about a dream come true! The deadline for the job is 9th April 2020 before 12am. To apply and get more info, you can visit their website at Hillarys.


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