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This Company Is Selling 500ml Bottled ‘Fresh Air’ From The UK For RM140 Each



Source: My Baggage

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Welcome to the future guys where fresh air is RM140 for each 500ml! 😛

2020 will be looked back as when the world stood still as it was ravaged by a scathing pandemic that most countries weren’t prepared for. It was also the year where everyone stayed at home and avoided human contact in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 or as some would call it: introverts’ paradise.

Well, if the pandemic is not bad enough, 2020 is also the year where capitalism took on a whole new other level. Get this, a company from the United Kingdom recently unveiled a rather absurd product: bottled fresh air!

Say what?!

The latest product by the UK-based relocation service website My Baggage, is called ‘Fresh Bottled British Air’ and it sells for £25 or RM140 for each 500ml bottle. Yikes, for that price, it better be some high-quality fresh air!

My Baggage claimed that these bottles of air could offer homesick expats living overseas to ‘reconnect’ with their roots and have a taste of the air from where they are from in the United Kingdom. In fact, they are offering a choice of air from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Their staff purportedly ‘captured’ the air in Nottingham, the Highlands, Snowdonia and a field near the Irish border. Furthermore, they also claim that they can meet requests from other UK regions and even experimented with the aroma of a fish and chip shop in Norfolk and for some reason, the London Underground.

As reported by The Guardian, the company’s managing director Paul Stewart commented,

“Our sense of smell is known to be linked to emotional memories and this year Britons living abroad have been coming home less than usual – so we thought we’d offer something novel to remind them of home,”

As absurd as the claims may sound, the product is actually in hot demand considering ALL of its variants is now out of stock in their website at the time of writing. The reviews are all positive too as you can see from the screenshot below:

Well, I don’t know if any Malaysian would ever be interested with bottled fresh air from the UK. However, we’re pretty sure most Selangorians and KL-ites would pay for a different kind of ‘air’, given how Air Selangor is always having issues. 😛


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Source: My Baggage
Source: My Baggage

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