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This Dad Printed His HUGE Face onto Daughter’s Swimsuit to Stop Men from Looking At Her



Man Prints His Face onto His Daughter's Swimsuit to Stop Men from Looking - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Sun & LAD Bible

We all had our fair share of being “protected” by our dads by not letting us wear “revealing” clothes. Heck, some of us still experience it even though we are adults now. 

This 26-year-old British lady opened a package that was given by her father after they arrived at Bulgaria for a family vacation. Not only that it’s a one-piece swimsuit in the package, but Megan was also surprised to discover that the apparel was custom-printed with her father’s face!

And… it was HUGE.


Source: The Sun

Yes, just look at his face sprawled across her body!

Not only did it look funny from the front, but it tickles even more when you find out what’s at the back of the swimsuit — only her dad’s mouth was showing.


Source: LADBible

Megan’s father said the swimsuit was to avoid men from looking at her, but it kind of backfired when she put on the custom-printed swimsuit — everyone at the pool was laughing and staring at her.

She quickly realised that instead of stopping men from looking at her, the situation actually turned into a “stare-fest” and she became the centre of attention at the pool, according to The Sun.

Later on that same day, she had another surprise from her dad when he put on a unique t-shirt. Megan’s face was printed all over his shirt, and it made her laugh until she “nearly collapsed”. Her father’s shirt grabbed a lot of attention when tourists at that area began laughing the minute they spotted the quirky face printed on his apparel. How cute!


Source: The Sun

This adorable father-daughter duo must have had the time of their lives on their vacation. After being pranked, Megan told LAD Bible that she can’t wait to plan her next project to prank her dad.

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely entertained by her dad’s harmless jokes!

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Dad Prints His Face onto Daughter's Swimsuit to Stop Men from Looking, She Becomes the Centre of Attention Instead - WORLD OF BUZZ