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This Hanging Skylodge From A Mountaintop in Indonesia is A Must-Visit For Thrill Seekers Post-Covid!



Source: Skylodge Indonesia

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If you live to travel, we’re pretty sure that you’ve been planning for the next trip since MCO started and will buy a plane ticket as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic is over (hopefully soon!). Well, if you’re one of those individuals who like to go off the beaten path, we’ve got just the perfect travel destination for you.

Located in West Java, Indonesia, specifically in the mountainous Purwakarta district, an incredible experience awaits on the side of one its mountains. A skylodge which requires an adventurous 3-hours hike across steep rocky terrains and even zip-lining ala flying fox 500-feet up in the skies, this is not for the faint of heart!

Got you hooked yet? Here’s everything you need to know:

1. It is higher than the world-famous Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru!

This unique accommodation literally hanging from the side of a mountain in Kampung Cisaga, Purwakarta was inspired by a similar skylodge in Peru. Seeing the success of the Skylodge Adventures Suites in the South American country, the local government fully support the locals who came up with the idea to create this amazing hotel.

A total of 11 spots were chosen to create skylodges within Purwakarta and this  skylodge was the first to be built. It was open to the public on 19 November 2017.

What’s amazing about this particular skylodge is that it is actually higher the Peru one which inspired it. 30.5 metres higher to be exact!

The Purwakarta Skylodge is officially 500 feet above sea level, or 153 metres. I’m sweating just reading about this…


2. It’s not about how fast you get there, it’s the climb

In fact, the Purwakarta Skylodge is so high and located in such a steep location that one needs a minimum 3-hour long hike just to get there.

First, guests of this unique hotel will be given a safety briefing at the basecamp of the mountain. All of the necessary safety and climbing equipments would also be, well, equipped on to you including the harness, helmet, ropes and others.

Then the experienced guide will help you climb the steep rocky mountain through a via ferrata, or a protected mountain pathway consisting of rungs, rails and cables.

Fun fact, this is actually the second highest via ferrata in the whole of Asia, behind Mount Kinabalu!

After about a 3-hour hike, you would now be in the same height with the skylodge, but the hanging accommodations would be to your far right. That’s when visitors would have to glide across the mountain hillside using a Tyrolean system akin to a flying fox.


3. The skylodge facilities

What makes the hanging skylodge such a thrilling place to spend the night is that the walls, floors and ceiling of the lodge is made out of hardened polycarbonat that is practically transparent. So you can actually see an almost 360 degrees view of the surrounding.

The lodge itself is 2.5 x 6 metres square with a height of 2.4 metres. The door to the lodge is from the top and you can actually lepak at the roof and take incredible photos such as the below.

There are a total of 4 single beds inside, a microwave, a satellite TV, lights, dining table and of course, a toilet. If you ever wondered how it feels like to do your business while enjoying the view from the hillside of a mountain, then this is your chance, I suppose.

The lodge even have air-conditioning which is kinda weird considering how cold it is up there.


4. Getting there from Malaysia

View from the skylodge

There are no direct flight from Malaysia to the Purwakarta district of Indonesia. The easiest way to get there is to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Bandung. From Bandung, you’d have to take a short 2 hour drive to the base camp of Gunung Parang.

Alternatively, you can also fly to Jakarta and take a 2 hour 30 minutes drive from Indonesia’s capital city to the skylodge.


5. The price and package provided

Guests of the Purwakarta Skylodge will be provided with:

  • A guide
  • Hiking equipments
  • 24 hour security and emergency surveillance
  • Dinner and breakfast for four delivered to the skylodge

The current price is around RM1,200 per night for four people, so around RM300 per person. Given the extreme experience and that it also include the guide and food, that is actually quite an affordable price.

What do you guys think? Would you and your travel buddies be interested to staying at this hanging skylodge after the pandemic has died down? Tag your travel gang in the comments section!




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