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This Hotel In Japan Offers Free Accommodation & Free Food If You Post On Social Media



Source: Kao.traveldiary & Fukutomimakoto

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Say what?!

It only takes a few seconds to earn you a free night’s stay in this hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

Located near the Yotsuya station in Tokyo, Hotel New Sohei is very close to the city centre. Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a plunge in the number of guests.


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Modern problems require modern solutions, to survive in the pandemic so Hotel New Sohei is trying to attract customers by offering accommodation and food for free! But there is one requirement: to publish the photos and the entire experience of living in the hotel onto the SNS network.

The hotel is not a huge one, with only around 30 rooms. However, the administration makes sure that guests can enjoy all the facilities. Free alcoholic beverages and coffee are available at the front desk of the lounge. The rooms are also sterilised.

To maximise the escapade in the heart of Tokyo, a toast of beer and “live horse mackerel sashimi” is offered for the customers, and yes, it is free of charge. Sounds amazing right?

Here is the hotel’s information:

Shohei Hotel Co., Ltd. (Hotel New Shohei) 1-7-9
Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Telephone number: 03-3357-0551
Hotel HP:  https://www.new-shohei.jp/
Company HP: https://shoheikan.com/

Many hotels are facing harsh situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet Hotel New Sohei is improvising and providing customers with this novel and intelligent promotion. Perhaps this could inspire local hotels and business to come up with innovative ideas to boost sales.

Nevertheless, do remember to take care of your hygiene and safety wherever you travel.


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