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This Is Not A Drill! You Will Soon Get Two Dark Themes On WhatsApp!



Source: Express / Daily Pioneer

WhatsApp has decided to join the “dark” side now after every other social media app, like IG, has introduced their dark mode. Wabetainfo said that WhatsApp is working on two new Dark Themes but they are not available yet because WhatsApp is ensuring that users will have a “bug-free experience”.

On November 1st, 2019, WhatsApp released the 2.19.311 update to beta testers, but the Dark Themes have yet to be released. That said, some users can see a dark splash screen like shown below.

Dark Splash Screen | Source: WOB

Currently, Whatsapp is working on not one but two dark modes for its users (iOS 13 and Android 10). According to Newsrum, the two modes will be:

  • First dark mode: Grey tone for the background with jet-black tone for menu items. 
  • Second dark mode: Pitch-black for the background with light grey for menu items. 

Source: Express

Oh, it’s like the options for dark mode on Twitter! Rumour has it that there will a third option as well. Wooo!

That’s all the information we have currently for the dark modes on WhatsApp. I guess we’ve got to patiently wait for more details on the matter. Let us know what you think about the new dark modes that will be introduced on Whatsapp in the comments below!


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