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This Malaysian Student Takes Trend One Step Further By Making Buckets Hats Out of Songket!



Source: Provided to WOB & Instagram

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Malaysians have been embracing the bucket hat as it has been a fad for a few months now. It’s stylish as it can go with almost any look and it brings out your inner 90s vibe. Plus it’s super comfortable to wear under a hot sunny day. The normal bucket hat you’d normally see is the khaki or denim coloured ones.

However, a local online retailer took it a step further by making her bucket hats out one of the most sought out Malaysian fabric, the Songket!

Provided to WOB

Provided to WOB

It’s truly an innovative idea to combine a traditional textile into a trendy hat so that the appreciation for Songket continuously grow. Myra shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that she started her business of hand-making bucket hats July this year. This was because she would constantly receive orders from her friends and families to make face masks and pleated skirts. Hence, she decided to turn it into a business.

She explained that it wasn’t any trouble in setting up the business as she has an amazing support system from her family and friends. With their immense help, CiptaanMyra came to life.

The 18-year-old fashion designer student has been sewing since the age of 12 because she wanted to express her emotions and personality through her own designs. It was her outlet to create and design something new and her passion blossomed ever since.

“I love and appreciate the cultural heritage in my country and often try to apply aspects of it into my work. It’s what drives my passion the most.”

She noticed that a lot of Malaysians have been wearing batik face masks and only ever saw songket worn for Baju Melayu. So, she decided to make a face mask out songket which then developed into bucket hats later on.

She received many positive and encouraging responses online and from her customers. The idea is truly unique as it treasures the Malay heritage and culture through modern wear.

“It’s boosting my confidence and it’s helping me practice for the future. I’m gaining a lot of experience and I’m truly grateful”

There are many varieties of different fabric that she has included in her online shop such as “the lemboo” bucket hat and face masks and the “gold sakura” bucket hat. Her bucket hats and face masks are definitely well-made and affordable as well.

With the semester nearing, she has to close orders, for now, to focus on her studies. However, during the semester break, she will create new lines and open orders for her customers. She also added that she has a few ideas up her sleeve and is excited for when it is finally ready to be released.

Check out her Instagram (ciptaanmyra) to see her amazing collection of bucket hat and face masks and follow as you surely don’t want to miss her new releases.

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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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