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This M’sian Explained Why Mould Grew So Much During MCO And It Makes SO Much Sense!



Source: WOB & Facebook & Nex Nezeum

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Ok, so we’ve been seeing multiple tweets and articles about handbags, wooden spoons and even cinema seats getting mouldy during the Movement Control Order. At first, it was discovered in a local mall allegedly located in Sabah, after mildew had started to grow all over the leather goods.

Then, we found yesterday that mould has started to grow on cinema seats as well. Several photos posted on social media shows the horrifying sight of white and fuzzy mould covering all the seats in a cinema theatre somewhere in Malaysia.

And now today, we found out that a local shopper who was browsing through homewares found the wooden spoons there to have a fine layer of green and white mould!

So, after all of this, have you wondered why is this happening so rampantly in Malaysia?

Well, yes, it’s due to our humid weather. Twitter user @ruffleseed posted a detailed explanation of the weather and occurrence in our country.

The last sentence got me like:


Lack of air circulation and sunlight

During the MCO, most places were closed leading to the lack of air circulation and sunlight which ultimately causes mould growth.

Now, if you’re wondering, how did the mould grow on the wooden spoon? Fret not! Original wood products are usually coated with oil or lacquer. Teak woods are even able to produce their own anti-fungal oil naturally.

Wooden spoons and products we find in shops are just processed normally without any coating. He even proceeded to explain regarding the spores in our air and how with the absence of air conditioning, condensation happens and will wet the surfaces. This promotes the growth of such moulds.

If you find any products you have to be mouldy, a simple foam cleaner would do the trick. However, if it’s growing on the walls, pay a visit to the doctor as the toxins from mould can be quite harmful.

Let’s be more careful with our purchases henceforth and let’s also start supporting more local hand-made products!


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Source: Nex Neezum
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