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This M’sian Hilariously Shares How He Ate At A Restaurant, But It Turned Out To Be Someone’s Home



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Anytime we make our way to Malaysia’s kampungs, we are always on the lookout for the best and cheapest eats giving us that home-cooked meal vibe.

One cyclist on his trip to Kuala Berang had such an experience when he found the best Nasi Dagang he ever ate at a roadside stall, only to find out that it was someone’s home.

We can understand that after cycling for kilometres on end, your sense of logic may not be on point due to fatigue and hunger.

Taking to social media Mohd Kharbi shared his experience while he was on his cycle from Kenyir to Kuala Terengganu.

“After cycling for more than 70km I came across this unassuming roadside stall. With my judgement clouded due to hunger, I made a u-turn and stopped at the stall.”

“I saw two girls, a boy and a man enjoying their morning meal.”

“There was nasi dagang there and I thought that this meal might the speciality of this stall, so I ordered it.”

“I placed my order and the makcik obligingly began spooning the rice and carried on serving just like how a restaurant would. She even chatted a little with me as I was having my meal.”

Upon finishing his meal, that was when the revelation began.

“As I was about to leave, I spoke to the makcik asking her for the bill. She said that I did not have to pay as this is not a restaurant.”

Eeeeee tak malu-nya. 

“I was also shocked at the fact that I ordered nasi dagang at the time and she had some in her kitchen.”

Explaining more about the hilarious experience Mohd Kharbi said that the people he saw earlier were the makcik’s kids sharing a meal with their neighbour.

“I thought nothing of it, as nasi dagang is the dish that I would look out for every time I visit Terengganu.”

“The way the kitchen was arranged, with drinking glasses set on the table at the time, spoke to me that this was a bonafide stall.”

“I can only imagine what the people there thought of me when I invited myself into their home and ate their food.”

We’re sure that the nasi dagang he enjoyed is as authentic as it can be, because of the fact that it was cooked by a true blue Terengganu mother.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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