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This M’sian IG Store Will Help You Sell The Gifts From Your Ex So That You Can Start Moving On



Source: Kedai Pernah Sayang & Provided to WOB

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Relationships are hard to forget and sometimes when you’re fresh after a break-up, everything around you may seem to trigger certain memories attached to them, especially gifts from your ex. It may be really hard for you to part with those gifts at first, but as time goes by, those items seem to mock your failed relationship.

Hazim, a 27-year-old oil and gas engineer set up an IG shop (@KedaiPernahSayang) to serve as a platform for people to sell these gifts and to tell their story. This IG shop was set up back in October and it was inspired by a movie named Toko Barang Mantan that talks about a pawnshop owner who buys and sells mementoes of broken relationships.

Owner of Kedai Pernah Sayang, Hazim.

For Hazim, Kedai Pernah Sayang aims to help people who have been hurt in relationships by lending them a listening ear and letting them know that they are not alone in this process.

“Getting rid of those gifts is not a proper closure but rather it is a person’s first step in trying to move on.”

Hazim says that they have been exposed to many different kinds of stories of people’s relationships before and a lot of them are not pretty. Most of the time, these kinds of sharing sessions take place when a person feels most vulnerable, in the wee hours of the night.

Hazim and his staff try to remain as professional as possible but as they are only human, they get affected by these stories as well. In order to combat that, Hazim always advises his staff to take a break if they are too overwhelmed and to take care of their own mental health.

They are also planning to open up a cafe so that it can be a place where people can come and share their stories and experiences over a cup of coffee with each other.

Other than Kedai Pernah Sayang, Hazim also has another platform (@PasarPernahSayang) for people to sell anything and everything and also yet another platform (@KaryaPernahSayang) for the people of the arts to sell their creations.

So if you want to sell your items, you will need to approach the shop and the friendly admin will take it from there!

Hazim is definitely trying his best to create different platforms for people to share their stories with the world. This is certainly a very good approach and effort and we wish him and his team nothing but success in the future!


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