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This Pet Shelter Needs Your Help To Support Their Furkids’ Medical Bills!



Source: A Pet's Journal & A Pet's Journal

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Times are bad and for this pet shelter that takes in disabled furkids, it is even worse.

On 5th July, A Pet’s Journal shared a post on Facebook where they were pleading to the parents of furkids to buy their homemade pet meatloaves. It reads:

“This month we needed to use a part of our salaries for an unexpected family emergency. Some medical expenses like the paralysed furkids’ medicine are halted. This post is a prayer for some meatloaf purchases that can help us go through this month.”

To assure the furkids’ parents, they say:

“We have been baking dog nourishments for a few years now. They are all freshly homemade with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives.  It is at this moment that we badly need your support. So, please treat your furkids with our homemade deliciousness.”

Speaking with Jasreen from A Pet’s Journal, she told us that their shelter consists of about 120 disabled furkids. Some of the furkids are disabled, paralysed or with special needs. As there are more than a hundred of them, it has not been easy for Jasreen and her family.

“My husband and two brothers are doing the heavy work such as cooking the dogs’ meals. Nights and weekends are okay since they will be at home. However, things get tough when they leave to work. It got to a point where we stopped adopting more disabled furkids. A few weeks back, we hired a part-timer and now we can manage better. Thing is, it’s not the workload that’s hard but rather, it’s the constant financial struggle that sucks all our energy.”

She also notes that it has been really time-consuming to take care of the furkids and sometimes, she’ll post live videos of them and ask for the public’s help to monitor them just so that she can have 15 minutes to eat.

So if you’d like to help, please do so by buying their pet cookies, treats and meatloaves here! If your pets have sensitive skin then you can get the salmon or pumpkin cookies. Also, do note the expiry dates as they use all-natural ingredients without preservatives.  Meatloaves expire within a week in the fridge or a month in the freezer, cookies within a month and dehydrated treats within a year.

If you’d like to donate to them, here are the details:

Bank: CIMB

Account Number: 8009972629

Account Name: ST Pets Journal

The shelter’s address is kept confidential as there have been cases of pet dumping in their old place. Jasreen and team hope that everyone can understand and respect their decision.


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