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This Restaurant 3D-Prints Sushi & It’s All Tailored To Your Health Needs!



Source: Sushi Singularity

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3D-printed sushi, let that just sink in for a bit.

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Let’s just put it out there, WE LOVE SUSHI and there’s nothing more exciting than the fact that sushi can now be 3D-printed. Does this mean that we can, one day, just print sushi when we’re craving it? Who knows!

A new restaurant in Tokyo, Japan is now one step further towards the future of sushi and it comes with health benefits. Open Meals, who aims to digitalise food, just created what they affectionately call, Sushi Singularity, which are 3D-printed servings based on an individual’s health needs.

The restaurant uses three high-tech concepts to create this food revolution, which includes a food fabrication machine (FFM), a food operation system (FOS) and health identification (HID).

After a guest makes a reservation, the restaurant will send over health test kits to the guest’s address. Based on DNA, urine and intestinal tests, guests will then each have individual health IDs.

With the various health data, cooking ingredients will be optimised, nutrients will be formulated and instructions will then be sent to the FFM.


Here are the eight “conceptualised models” Sushi Singularity offers on their menu:


Cell Cultured Tuna

This piece is created through 3D printing and cultivation and its internal structure is built to reproduce the subtle sensation of tuna muscle.


Powdered Sintered Uni

Created through selective laser sintering, a single spine stimulates the mouth simultaneously multiple times, melting and spreading the fragrance within.


Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Octopus

This 3D-printed creation is structured to exhibit negative rigidity, creating a sensation of disappearing and bouncing back when you take your first bite.


Oze Tick Kappa Roll

This piece is laser-cut to process the seaweed into the Oze Tick structure. The windings have been tightly fixed to complexly curved rice to enable new designs.


Anisotropic Stiffness Steamed Shrimp

3D-printed, this piece incorporates anisotropy to change the hardness of the creation according to chewing direction, to create different chewing sensation in your mouth.


Squid Castle

This ultrafine-detailed Japanese castle is produced through a 6-axis computer-controlled router with flash-frozen squid that melts in your mouth, creating a luxurious texture.


Micro Pillar Saltwater Eel

Thousands of ultrafine 3D-printed vertical hairs to create the gentle texture of high-quality eel, as soon as this piece enters your mouth, your brain will crave its unique fluffiness.


Dashi Soup Universe

Made through 3D-printing and alginate acid coagulation, the cube-shaped portion of soup made using membranes with the 3D-printed floating objects will make you feel like you’re taking a trip through the galaxy.


Sushi Singularity will be opening sometime this year in Tokyo, Japan. Check out their website for more information!

We can’t wait for the Covid-19 virus to be completely eradicated so that we can finally travel overseas and try this out for ourselves!

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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