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This School Gives “Love Leave” to Single Teachers So They Can Find Their Soulmate



Single Teachers at This School Get "Love Leave" So They Can Find "The One" - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: South China Morning Post & Video Blocks

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We’re all so immersed in the rat race and focused on chasing for success nowadays that other aspects like love are often neglected. Although some people are perfectly fine being single, others dread the fact that work has robbed them from having the time to develop romantic relationships. Luckily, according to South China Morning Post, a middle school in China decided to help out with this very problem. For employees of Dinglan Experimental Middle School, all single and childless teachers are now granted two half-days of “love leave” each month. 

The school is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China. On January 15th, they introduced this “love leave” to benefit single teachers, which make up 40 percent of the total teachers’ population in the school. This “love leave” is intended to boost morale and can be used as long as it does not interfere with teaching schedules.

Besides, teachers who have children under the age of 18 are also granted “family leave” to allow parents to spend time with their families. These two perks currently consist of two half days for each month.

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Thanks to the “love leave”, single teachers get more time to meet new people and potentially pursue a relationship. Inquirer reported that Chen Qing, a teacher of the school mentioned,

“Now the leave can cover all the younger teachers and that is a great thing. I heard single teachers saying that they finally have time to meet their dates at the library,” said Chen Qing, a teacher of the school.

As for those who are in relationships but not married yet, “love leave” benefits them too. Ye Jingqi, an unmarried science teacher mentioned,

“If my boyfriend has time as well, the best way to take advantage of our leave would be to visit some libraries or bookshops on a workday when they are less busy.”

Single Teachers get "Love Leave" In This School In China - WORLD OF BUZZ

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This is a great idea! Being a teacher is one of the busiest occupations and they often do not have time to think about relationships. Now, they get more time to enjoy the important things in life that makes it more colourful.


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