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This Special Edition ‘Stealth’ iPhone 12 Pro Has No Cameras & Prices Start From RM20,250!



Source: Caviar

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When you’re too rich and privacy is your top priority, then I guess this phone is perfect for you 😛

Say what you will about Apple’s iPhone lineup, you’ve got to admit that they make some pretty good smartphones. Why else would these Malaysians line up in the midst of a pandemic just to get their hands on them?

Overpriced? Yeah, sure, but still high quality nonetheless. Well, if you think Apple’s latest flagships are overpriced, then hold on to your horses because there is actually a special edition iPhone 12 Pro lineup out there that costs astronomically more out there.

How expensive, you ask? Well, prices starts from RM20,250 and goes up to RM27,405!

The prices aren’t even the craziest part of these special edition iPhone 12 Pro, as try and fathom this: the phones don’t even have any rear cameras attached and the front facing camera is disabled! Say what?!

Sold by Caviar, a Russian brand which is famous for its luxurious and exclusive high-end accessories, the company modified the existing iPhone 12 Pro lineup and renamed it as ‘iPhone 12 Pro Stealth’. According to Caviar’s website, this Stealth modification is because ‘many of us would simply like to feel safer because it is not uncommon for fraudsters to gain access to the camera of modern smartphones’.

Valuing the privacy of their customers, Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Stealth comes without cameras. Even the LiDAR scanner introduced by Apple on the rear of their iPhone 12 Pro were sacrificed in Caviar’s modification. Furthermore, the front camera is also disabled but thankfully, the Face ID component of the iPhone is still intact and you can unlock your phone with it.

According to Caviar, the phone is designed after a jet that was able to evade detection from radar ie Stealth. It comes in two finishes which are titanium alloy and titanium gold with the latter costing more. Speaking of which, the finish is called titanium because, well, the durable laconic case of the phone was made out of actual hardened titanium. So do expect the phone to be many times heavier than the regular iPhone models.

Well, if you’re listed in Forbes’ richest people list and interested to buy this special edition iPhone 12 Pro, you better hurry up because only 99 units are available for sale. Each model would have a unique number engraved on the side so people would know you’re part of an exclusive club.

If you ask me, removing the cameras and making the phone out of hardened titanium for security purposes is quite ironic. Isn’t bringing around a RM20,000+ phone in your pocket more of a security risk? 😛

What do you guys think? Would you guys buy this if you could afford it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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Source: Caviar
Source: Caviar
Source: Caviar
Source: Caviar
Source: Caviar
Source: Caviar

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