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This Video of a M’sian OKU Guy Eating Happily After 4 Days Without a Meal Has Got Us Crying



Video: Disabled M'sian Guy Eating Heartily After 4 Days Sparks Joy And Tears Among Netizens - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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If you ever feel like your faith in humanity is disappearing, all it takes is one kind action and it may actually restore the balance. It literally takes nothing to be nice to another person regardless of race, gender, religion. The act of kindness showed by this guy towards to this disabled person is truly commendable even though the circumstances are rather heartbreaking.

Twitter user @MOFASAD posted a video of a disabled person eating hungrily and even though he’s full he kept asking for more rice as he hasn’t eaten properly in four days.

Although it’s extremely heartbreaking, at the same time seeing the guy’s wholesome reaction of looking so happy and eating to his heart’s content has got us tearing up. When have you been so happy while you were eating your meal? Even though he was already full, he still wants to eat as he probably wants to sustain himself over the next few days. Netizens showered the guy with their comments of love and support.

Source: Twitter

 “I feel like maybe he’s shy of asking for more food. That’s why he’s saying he’s full. Maybe he’s grateful that he got to eat. He didn’t eat for four days….” 

Source: Twitter

“I’m smiling by myself watching this video. Disabled people are the best, they’re always cheerful. I’m jealous of their cheerfulness.”

Source: Twitter

“Smiling while crying, hope Allah protects this special person.”

Bless the man who chose to help this special person. We need more people like you in this world. To the disabled person, you have proven again and again why you’re special and we hope that you’ll have enough food to eat all the time.


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