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This Viral Photo Of Kuala Lumpur & Genting May Look Fake, But It’s 100% Real!



This Viral Photo Of Kuala Lumpur & Genting May Look Fake, But It's 100% Real! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Jun Hong | Facebook

Over the weekend, Malaysian Facebook users were blown away by a photo that was recently uploaded by a local dentistry student, Jun Hong on Sunday (5th May).

The photo in question shows part of Kuala Lumpur’s iconic skyline lit up at night with Genting Highlands right behind it, and it was taken from a private housing area on an exceptionally clear night. 

At first, netizens presumed that the photograph was merely altered, but the photographer behind it revealed that it’s actually real. Walao!

After some users were still not convinced, Jun Hong uploaded another post answering the most frequently asked questions he has received since the photo went viral. An excerpt from his post reads,

“A zoom lens was what I lacked. As soon as I got the lens, luck was on my side as soon I encountered with this stunning view. Set my tripod, had it on time-lapse mode and watched GoT S8 Ep3, then retrieved my camera after I was done.”

” ‘Is this photoshopped?‘ Yes and no. Depending on what do you mean by photoshopped. I do use Photoshop along with Lightroom to do some basic enhancement, tone adjustment, but no composite merge in this photo.”

As proof that the photo was not the result of clever photoshopping, Jun Hong also attached a photo of his camera’s display showing the now viral photo.

Check out his full post here to find out more about how he managed to capture this amazing photo.

If you would like to see more of Jun Hong’s work, check out his Instagram account here!

Well, we’re definitely blown away by this rare image! What do you think about this viral photo? Let us know in the comments section!


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