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This Waze Feature Reminds You That Your Child Is In The Backseat



Source: WOB

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In light of the recent case of how the father to a four-year-old had accidentally left her in his car for ten hours, causing her to tragically die from a heatstroke, more and more concerned parents have been spurred to discuss over the concern of such instances happening. Are there ways to circumvent these tragedies from taking place?

Well if you are a frequent user of Waze, it turns out that there happens to be a pretty nifty feature that you can use to help ensure you don’t forget about your kids if they happen to be travelling with you in the back seat. This is especially great for busy parents who may find themselves having to juggle multiple things at once, while still ferrying their children around.

The feature can be found in the Waze app under the ‘Reminders’, which allows parents to set specific notifications called ‘Child Alerts’ that will be activated upon your arrival to your destination. This is how it works:

1. Go to your Waze sidebar and select settings


2. In the ‘Settings’ menu, scroll down to the ‘Reminders’ section 


3. Once in the ‘Reminders’ section, turn on ‘Child Alert’ and input a custom message. Be sure to allow reminders, so that the app can send you a notification upon the arrival at your destination. 

When you’re all done, Waze should now be able to send you an alert to remind you to check for your child in the backseat upon your arrival at your destination. While it may seem like an excessive step to take, these reminders can often be the difference between life or death for children, ensuring that busy parents are constantly aware of their surroundings.

And besides, it never hurts to be extra careful when it comes down to the wellbeing of your own children!

What do you guys think? Will you be using this handy feature during your road trips with your family?


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Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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