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Those Who Attended Najib’s Trial At The High Court Classified As ‘At Risk’ Of Contracting Covid-19



Source: Twitter & Pocketimes

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Yesterday was a whirlwind in Malaysian politics as Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak became the first Prime Minister to be found guilty of corruption. While most Malaysians were glad that justice was served, a worrying thought crept in Malaysians at the sight of thousands of Najib’s supporters who showed up at the KL Court with no regards of social distancing.

Even Dr Noor Hisham expressed disappointment in the lack of self-control the crowd had that totally disregarded the fact that our country is still going through a pandemic outbreak.

Public Health Malaysia announced yesterday that everyone who was at the gathering for Najib’s trial is at risk of contracting Covid-19.

Peserta perhimpunan adalah orang yang berisiko. Sedih. Memang ramai yang panas hati. Dr Hisham telah menasihatkan…

Posted by Public Health Malaysia on Selasa, 28 Julai 2020

They explained in the post that we should set aside our political differences and remember that we’re all Malaysians, especially during this trying times.

“We saw the pictures and there were so many older citizens just like our parents. To those who had family members who attended the gathering, take note of their health. If they’re exhibiting any symptoms, immediately get a health screening from the nearest clinic.”

If you attended the gathering/know anyone who attended the gathering:

1. Get tested if you’re exhibiting any symptoms

2. Maintain social distancing

3. Wear your face masks in public places

4. Don’t increase any risks for the people around you

Remember Malaysians, the war against Covid-19 is not over yet. It will only be over if we all work together towards it. This is not the time to be selfish anymore!


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Source: Twitter

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