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Toddler Shockingly Collapses Despite Doctor Telling Parents Her Condition Wasn’t Serious



Source: Stomp

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This is so scary, especially for parents!

Last week, two parents voiced their outrage on social media, claiming that a doctor at a hospital in Singapore did not take their young daughter’s condition seriously enough.

The parents, Tricia Ang and Warren Lim, expressed their discontent on Facebook, where they described their ordeal. On the night of 13th November, the couple brought their daughter to KK Women and Children’s Hospital because she was unwell.

After a doctor had a look at her, he told the parents that their daughter’s condition was nothing major and that they had to wait for a few more hours so he could attend to more serious emergency cases.

Source: Stomp

According to Stomp, an excerpt from the Facebook post reads,

“Doctor still said that if we don’t want to wait, we can cancel and go (to) another place. And today morning at around 11am, this thing happened to my baby.”

“Called the ambulance and (the hospital) admitted her. Thank god she (still) has a response.”

What was even more scary was the pictures of Warren Lim performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on his daughter while waiting for the ambulance!

Source: Stomp

Luckily, as he continued to perform CPR on her, the little girl’s legs began to move, and she became responsive again.

Now, the hospital in question has released a statement on their Facebook page addressing the incident from their side.

An excerpt from their statement reads,

“When the child was first assessed at the Children’s Emergency, she was found to have fever, but was otherwise stable. Our attending paediatric consultant, Dr Peter Wong, who is an experienced and well-regarded doctor, acknowledged the inconvenience caused to the family by the wait, and tried to explain to the parent that there were other patients who were more serious that needed to be attended to more urgently and that the child would be attended to as soon as possible.

“We understand that the patient then left KKH Children’s Emergency before further medical examination could be conducted. About 12 hours later, the child was again brought to the Children’s Emergency and she was assessed to be stable.”

Source: Stomp

Luckily, she was treated and discharged from the hospital the following day.

“We have reviewed the case, and there were no lapses in medical care or patient safety,” the post continued.

The hospital ended their post saying that they value appropriate and timely care for their patients, which is why they prioritise emergency cases.

Well, whatever it is, we’re just glad the young girl recovered and is doing better now!


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