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Transport Ministry to Regulate E-Hailing Services to Be Fair To Taxis



Source: The Mole

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Rejoice, all e-hailing services devotees! If you’re worried that these services might be banned in Malaysia and you have to revert to hailing cabs, fret not.

Despite receiving suggestions from taxi driver groups to ban e-hailing services, our Transport Minister said that the government is not going to ban these services, reported The Star

Instead, they are going to ensure that there are some “level-playing field” for both sides. They want to create a win-win situation for both parties! 

Source: The Star

He also noted that these services will be regulated to ensure fairness in the industry.

Loke was quoted as saying,

“In today’s Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) called on the Transport Ministry to look into ensuring there is a level playing field for taxis and e-hailing services.”

“I will be meeting with SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission) this evening and ask the commission to come up with a proposal on this.”

“The government’s position is that e-hailing services such as Grab will not be banned, but they will be regulated.”

Loke revealed this plan during a press conference after the Transport Ministry’s post-cabinet meeting. Seems like a fair plan! 

Source: LCCT

Moving forward with the matter, Loke shared that he hopes an announcement on the issue can be made in mid-July so that taxis and e-hailing services can work together.

“I hope taxi groups who have voiced out their concerns on e-hailing services can be patient, and I assure them that an announcement on this will be made soon,” said Loke.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the announcement! 

It’s great that the Transport Ministry is looking for ways to ensure that taxis and e-hailing services find a common ground. Hopefully, this effort will open a path for them to finally work together!


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