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Travelling During RMCO? Don’t Forget To Take Note Of These Important Reminders



Source: NST & The Star

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Today (10th June),  marks the start of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). As interstate travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, many Malaysians are ready to finally start travelling again to see their families or go on a small vacation as a break from their three-month home quarantine. But before you make those bookings, here’s a few cautionary reminders that you should take note of while travelling during this period.

According to Public Health Safety’s Facebook page, “Malaysians need to be reminded that interstate travel is a strategy to improve the economy. It doesn’t mean that the situation is now safe and you’re not at risk of contracting the virus.”

“Those who choose to travel need to equip themselves with the right protective gear, attitude, knowledge and responsibility before starting their journeys,” penned the post.


Protective Gear

Ensure you’re always equipped with:

  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face shields

whenever you’re travelling out in public to increase your protection against the virus.


Be Cautious & Aware At All Times

The same rules of social distancing still apply:

  • Avoid crowded areas
  • Always maintain an appropriate 1-meter distance (or more!) between yourself and others
  • Be patient while lining up in a queue
  • Don’t exchange greetings involving physical touch (e.g. hugging, shaking hands).


Choose Your Destination Wisely

Be mindful when choosing your travel location. Look out for:

  • Open locations that aren’t crowded
  • An environment that will allow you to practice safe social distancing
  • Avoid areas that encourage gatherings


Get Familiar With The Rules & Risks

Keep yourself informed of the following factors, wherever you visit:

  • Identify the red zone/high-risk areas
  • Be familiar with high-risk groups
  • Identify and avoid activities banned during RMCO
  •  Stay informed on how the virus spreads and ways to identify it

While Malaysia’s Covid-19 cases are gradually decreasing, we have to take as much precaution as possible to avoid a second wave. Stay safe, guys! 


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Source: Facebook
Source: Today Online
Source: NST
Source: The Star

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