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“Try original lah!” M’sians Bash Netizen Who Commented Rudely On Siti Nurhaliza’s Pregnancy



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You can think why do people care SO MUCH about celebrity pregnancies but it’s different when the pregnant celebrity is a national icon such as Siti Nurhaliza!

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza confirmed her second pregnancy on Astro Awani yesterday much to the joy of Malaysians. Most Malaysians have been speculating that she was pregnant for quite some time from a few pictures on social media.

Speaking to Astro Awani, the prominent singer said she kept the news under wraps as it wasn’t the right time.

When media portals were speculating her pregnancy, Malaysians had nothing but prayers and congratulatory messages for her to have a safe pregnancy. However, one such comment angered netizens where the person told Siti Nurhaliza to try “original” instead of IVF.

“Try original Tokti..there’s no need to do IVF. If you’re already pregnant, congrats. Last time, Aafiyah (Siti Nurhaliza’s first child) was also through IVF right?”

This comment wasn’t only offensive because it was directed to the celebrity who’s always been open about her struggles with infertility but also offensive to anyone who’s trying IVF.

To no one’s surprise, netizens bashed these commenters saying these types of comments are insensitive and how they plan on conceiving is purely their business. What was more disappointing to netizens is that these insensitive comments were made by women who should understand the situation better.

“How can she speak like this? And she’s a woman! Issues like these are extremely sensitive. If she could conceive a child without IVF, of course, she would do that. This is just another method to conceive. How idiotic!”

“IVF is not cheap. My sister went through it and failed, that time I just watched her cry devastatingly. If you can conceive naturally, go ahead. You will never understand the struggles of those doing IVF. It’s something only after doing multiple times, you would have a chance at success.”

Pregnancy is a journey unique to everyone and unless you’re directly involved, maybe just keep your opinions to yourself?


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Source: Lobak Merah
Source: Lobak Merah
Source: Lobak Merah

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