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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad In Talks With China To Bring Back Malaysians Trapped In Wuhan



Tun M In Talks With China To Bring Back Malaysians Trapped In Wuhan - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: TodayOnline & Wired

Since Malaysia imposed a travel ban for the Wuhan virus, approval of visas for Chinese tourists from the affected region were temporarily stopped.

But that doesn’t mean that Malaysians are safe from the virus considering it’s already hit our shores. Unfortunately though, there are also still Malaysians in Wuhan, China who are at risk of catching the virus.

Source: StraitsTimes

Our prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has since spoken about evacuating the Malaysian citizens who are trapped in the lock down of Wuhan, where the coronavirus developed and first spread, adding that they are already in talks with China.

There are currently 78 Malaysians in Wuhan, as according to Straits Times.

Source: Yahoo

Considering their friends and family must be so worried about them, it’s only fair that the Malaysians in Wuhan are examined for the virus as fast as possible and brought back to Malaysia in a quarantined state so that they’ll be safe from being infected or infecting others and back in their home country.

We hope to see our fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters back home soon!


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