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Tun M: Mathematics & Science Subjects To Be Taught in English Again



Mathematics & Science In School To Use English Again - WORLD OF BUZZ 7
Source: Facebook & Homeschool Homefrontier

In a conference yesterday (30th January), Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the issues in the education system should be attended to in order to help the country’s development.

He added that his idea might not be popular or widely accepted among citizens, but he believes the idea would help the children grow up and tackle the problems of adulthood.

Mathematics & Science In School To Use English Again - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Source: Facebook

According to Dr Mahathir, it is crucial for subjects like Science and Mathematics to be taught in English as most of it comes in the English language from abroad. He added that those who studied Science in Bahasa Malaysia often found it difficult to work where English was required later in life

“It is very important that we give time for English, particularly in learning Science and Math,” he said.

“Geography and History can come in any language but Math and Science are not indigenous fields of knowledge (to us). It comes from abroad.”

As stated by The Star, The Teaching and Learning of Science and Maths in English, also known as PPSMI, was introduced in phases in 2003, beginning with Year One, Form One and Lower Six students but was fully abolished in 2013.

He added that in our multi-racial country, race plays a significant role in Malaysia’s development based on the cooperation between all races.

“I have ideas for the role of education in the country and towards this end, certain weaknesses have to be attended to,” he said.

“I wish to put my views on record so that we can work together to achieve it.”

“Of course, my views are not always popular or acceptable to many people but I feel we have to push certain things so that our children grow up and are able to tackle the problems of adult life – that is the purpose of education.”

The video of the conference was posted on Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s official Facebook page.


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