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Turtle Found Dead With Plastic Bags Coming Out Of Its Rectum, Believed To Have Pooped Them Out



Dead Turtle - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Coconuts / European Parliament

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OMG, this is so sad! 

We have been repeatedly advised not contaminate the sea with plastic waste because it can severely damage the ecosystem, especially since turtles could accidentally eat plastic as they often mistake it for jellyfish. As a result of polluted seas, one sea turtle was reportedly found dead with a plastic bag coming out of its rectum. Oh no! 

It was believed that the sea turtle excreted plastic bags before it was found dead at Negros Occidental in Valladolid town, yesterday (25 June 2019).

According to Coconuts, Village Captain Bill Kratzer said that the dead reptile was discovered by resident Arnel Emplamado on the coastal lines of Purok Daisy. FYI, the Purok Daisy’s coastal lines are situated at Barangay (Village) Poblacion, Philippines.

Source: Coconuts

The animal was found by Arnel when he went strolling around the above-mentioned area. Having said that, the actual cause of the animal’s death is still yet to be figured out. Kratzer was quoted as saying,

“It looked a bit damaged, especially the tail part.”

On top of that, Kratzer revealed that the Valladolid town’s environmental department advised them to bury the sea turtle – which was two feet in width and three feet in length – near the coastal area.

So, they obliged and buried the poor creature near the coastal area where it was first found at around 5pm, yesterday.

Source: Facebook

As mentioned earlier, a video by Seeker reiterated that turtles often confuse plastic bags for jellyfish and more often than not, they will also eat them because turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfish. Seeker reported,

“The ingested plastic can cause blockages in the stomach and intestines.”

This a serious problem as the seas are polluted with plastic waste, and the marine ecosystem is badly affected by it. You can watch the video below:

Baby Turtle Poops Plastic After Swallowing It At Sea

A reminder to always use and dispose of plastics responsibly! (Via Seeker)

Posted by Animal Planet on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Source: Facebook

A status report by the United Nations Environment Program from June 2019 elaborated the Philippines is one of the five countries responsible for the world’s plastic waste, which normally gets washed away to the oceans. The other four countries that contribute to plastic waste are mentioned below:

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

It’s really sickening to see our marine life suffer due to our recklessness. Perhaps, we should band together in order to preserve our environment and save our ecosystem from perishing. We can do this, guys! 


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