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Two Kids with Gaping Wounds Rushed to Hospital After Sink Breaks While Showering



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Source: Ridhwan Wahid

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Children tend to do extremely precarious things when not supervised properly, just like how Muhammad Darwisy, 6, and his younger brother Muhammad Adam, 4, had climbed onto the sink of their bathroom and ended up severely injured.

The incident happened at about 11am on July 6, 2017 at the Desa Setia Wira Kuarters in Kementah, Kuala Lumpur, Siakap Keli reported.

It is understood that both boys were showering together when one of them had climbed onto the sink. Unfortunately, the sink broke and cut the boys.

Darwisy’s thighs were lacerated while Adam’s stomach was cut open!

Their mother realised what had happened after hearing loud screams and cries from the bathroom. She immediately called the ambulance for help.

Their father, Nor Hazliysham, is apparently an army personnel. He had written an explanation of the incident and asked for prayers on Facebook, which was uploaded by his brother Ridhwan Wahid.

The post read,

“I am Ridhwan representing my brother, Hazliysham who is in Kuala Lumpur to ask friends on Facebook to offer some prayers for his children to heal fast.”

Then, Hazliysham shared his account of what had happened.

“Assalamualaikum. At 11.30am, I received a phone call from my wife who was sobbing and crying, asking me to come home quick because our son’s stomach was cut open and there was a lot of blood.

“I, Nor Hazliysham, from the Maritime Para Rescue Team squad, was in the middle of doing physical preparations for the Hari Raya celebration at the base.

“I immediately rushed home (upon receiving the call). I was informed that the ambulance had sent my sons to Hospital Kuala Lumpur with the help of neighbours and Transit KL.

“I went straight to HKL and waited for the surgery to start. My elder son was placed in the KK Pediatric ward, bed 15, while my younger one is in KK4 children’s ward.

“Everything happened due to the sink that broke while they were showering. Adam had a big cut on his stomach while Darwisy injured his thighs. They’re not in the red zone.”

Tension was definitely building up as many netizens went on to share their prayers and waited for more updates.

Luckily, all their prayers were definitely heard as Hazliysham updated a confirming post of the boys’ status:

“Thank goodness everything was resolved at about 10pm last night. Both boys are in stable condition and each parent is taking care of one child.

“Finally, we feel the hunger because we have been fasting since the surgery. Thank you to all our friends who sent their prayers.”

Indeed, thankfully the kids are alright. This goes to show how important it is to be mindful of what children are doing. Anything could happen at anytime and anywhere.

WORLD OF BUZZ wishes both Darwisy and Adam a speedy recovery.

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