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Uncle Fined For Pulling Mask Down After Having Breathing Difficulties, M’sians Crowdfund For Him



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Ever since the Movement Control Order started, Malaysians have demonstrated an extraordinary amount of love and support towards each other in the spirit of #KitaJagaKita. At a time when law enforcement officers are giving out strict fines for anyone who violates SOPs, some Malaysians actually find it hard to pay those fines.

One such person is 60-year-old Uncle Veerappan who works as a technician and was fined when he lowered his mask to breathe on a hot day. Instagram user Farah Annuar (@farahboo) posted the uncle’s predicament saying that when he lowered his mask, there was no one around but coincidentally the Ministry of Health decided to patrol the site and fined him.

“He’s working under the hot sun and making concrete is not easy. He lowered his mask down as he was having breathing difficulties and was also sweating profusely.”

Speaking to World of Buzz, Farah said she felt sorry for the uncle and felt guilty as she couldn’t help him despite being his supervisor. Thus, to help the uncle, Farah requested her followers to support the uncle’s business of selling cow’s milk.

“His basic pay is only RM1,200 and his fine will be deducted from his salary next month. I hope by everyone supporting his business, his burden could be lessened.”

Uncle Veerappan’s predicament quickly went viral on Twitter and Instagram and the donations poured in. Malaysians from everywhere messaged Farah offering to not only help the uncle pay his fine but also give money for his welfare. However, the uncle told Sarah that he only needed RM200 to pay off the fine thus she only accepted donations up to RM300.

In a subsequent video Farah posted, Uncle Veerappan was excitedly telling that his milk has finished and more will be arriving tomorrow. He also apologised for his mistake and thanked the countless Malaysians who helped him.

Farah said the DMs are still pouring with netizens still eager to help the uncle. She also thanked everyone who helped and how much they appreciate it.

It’s inspiring to see how Malaysians came together to help the uncle the instance they knew he was in despair. Let us know what you think about this!


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