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Uni Student Faces A Week In Jail, RM800 Fine For Bringing Homemade Cake To Her Boyfriend



Source: Free Pik & Paul Tan.Org

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Sneaking out to meet your significant other isn’t exactly romantic when it comes with a RM800 fine.

A 22-year-old university student is facing 7 days of jail time and an RM800 fine for leaving her home to present a cake that she baked for her boyfriend.

Magistrate Ellyna Othman ordered the student to serve a jail term from the date of arrest on 18th April, and cautioned that she could face two more months of jail if she failed to pay the fine, as reported by the NST.

The lady’s boyfriend has also been fined a fee of RM1,000 or two months of jail time for defying the MCO and driving all the way from his home to her house to try the cake. As both of them pleaded guilty, the charges were read out separately.

The incident, which took place on Saturday night at about 9pm, was discovered by the police when officers found them eating cake at the side of the road along Jalan SP1/8 Subang Perdana. The woman said she left her home which was 800m away from where they were caught, to give the cake to her boyfriend. However, the boyfriend had driven 8km from his home to try the cake she baked for him.

The couple’s lawyer, Shalehhuddin Salam, pleaded for a lenient sentence after informing the magistrate that the this was his client’s first offence and the couple did not intend to defy the MCO but were caught under the circumstances. Nonetheless, Deputy Public Prosecutor, Nur Syazwanie Marizan pressed for a stiff sentence, arguing that the offenders must be taught a lesson so people don’t think they can take the MCO lightly.

“The female accused gave an absolutely unreasonable excuse for defying the MCO. She left her house to meet her boyfriend and give him a cake which she had baked. The people must be reminded that they cannot simply defy the MCO as it could lead to new clusters of Covid-19 emerging,” she said.

Now’s not the time for grand gestures, guys! The best thing you can do for your partner is stay at home.


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Source: Free Pik

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