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#UninstallFoodpanda is Trending on M’sian Twitter, Here’s What You Need To Know



#UninstallFoodPanda i - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter & Twitter

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Foodpanda is one of the biggest players in the food delivery scene in Malaysia, considering their competitive delivery rates and large variety of restaurant and cafe options.

But all of that may come tumbling down soon as netizens are taking to the Twittersphere to openly showcase themselves deleting the application, alongside the hashtags #UninstallFoodpanda and #BoikotFoodpanda.

Source: Twitter

It all began when Foodpanda riders outside of the Klang Valley decided to go on strike due to the food delivery company’s new payment scheme. Foodpanda managing director Sayantan Das explained that the new payment scheme would enable riders to earn up to 50% more as it was built upon on a new efficiency-based model that rewards more deliveries per hour.

Riders, on the other hand, believe that the scheme will cause them a loss in earnings, as they will be paid per order they send out and not based on the number of hours they work in a day. Even then, payment per order varies based on performance level batches. Payment per order varies from RM4.50 to RM7, based on performance batch.

This scheme also saw the addition of a RM150 incentive upon completing 60 hours in a week, and an additional RM1 bonus per order taken between 11pm – 9am.

The old scheme is similar, though payment per order was lower while they also earned based on how many hours they had worked in a day, at a rate of RM4 per hour. Payment per order varied from RM3 to RM5, based on performance batch.

Source: Twitter

Sayantan Das insisted that the scheme would be beneficial but also added some fuel to the flames of discontent by adding that the number of riders on strike can be easily overcome.

“We have studied and understand what segment of the riders actually initiated the strike – less than 1% of our fleet. In terms of true effects on the business, it is negligible,” he said, according to Free Malaysia Today.

The general public didn’t take well to the statement, as many believed he came off as arrogant and a bully.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Even our Minister of Youth and Sports Syed Saddiq got in on the action.

He wrote, “As a minister, I was chosen by the people and can be punished by the people. As a corporation, they were built by their workers and users and can be torn down by their workers and users. Arrogance is not the solution. Only fair corporate support to employees and consumers.”

Hence began the boycott of the food delivery application by the general public, as Foodpanda users pledged their allegiance to the riders on strike by uninstalling Foodpanda. Some even shared lists of other food delivery services that could potentially overthrow the giant. 

Some pledged in the form of pictures.

Others showcased their boycott via video.

On the other end, some netizens are utilising the hashtag to bring attention to the fact that Foodpanda had every right to maintain the payment scheme they have structured, and as an employee providing job security in such an unstable employment market, the riders should appreciate what they are given.

Source: Twitter

So, what do you think?

Does Foodpanda deserve all the hate they’re getting? Or do they have the right to dust off the riders on strike and continue on with their new payment scheme?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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