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Unprofessional Singaporean Clinic Roughly Pins Sick Children Down For Treatment



Singapore Clinic Roughly Pins Sick Children Down For Treatment - World Of Buzz

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When children are sick and unwell, every loving parent would be worried too. Of course, the next step to take is to bring the sick child to the nearest clinic or hospital for treatment.

However, you would have thought a clinic that specializes in treating children would provide good service. But not this one in Singapore called Baby and Child Clinic in Tampines, Singapore.

A very frustrated mother took to the internet to share the horrifying experience and sent it into All Singapore Stuff.

The worried mother explained how the nurses who were supposed to care for the patients were very rude and did not do their best ability to help them. Even taking a simple clinic card.

“The nurses were all so rude, especially the nurse when she attend to patients. She will answers all the questions rudely as if we are asking those obvious questions.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time this has happened. Although she told herself to never visit the place again, out of desperation she did as the other PD was not open.

“Yesterday I went back there in the afternoon again, because the PD nearby doesn’t open in the afternoon. The nurse served me again, so she asked if I brought the clinic card, I flipped through the Health Booklet only saw the other clinic card, she wanted that card for reference.”

“As my book is closed and I’m carrying my girl, she uses her finger to flip through the book page by page as though the book is poisoned! She didn’t even want to help me to take the card out.”

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Well, you would have thought the rude and unfair treatment was bad enough, but it got worse.

“Next moment, to my horror, she (Dr. Ho) carried my girl, forced her down on the bed.”

“She called one nurse to come in. Both adults forcing my daughter down on the bed, the nurse was using her elbow and arm and pin her down at her chest and she using her body to force me away from the bed, the doctor was using her elbow and arm at my girl’s leg so she really cant move at all. Are all PD the same?”

“My girl is crying so badly and at the moment I really feel like flared up at them. She cried till her face were all red and swollen.”

“When you asked Dr Ho questions, she will tell you off.”

After the nightmare consultation, the distressed mother decided to check the reviews of that terrible clinic on Facebook.

Lo and behold, several other parents also faced a similar hell as their children were roughly treated by the doctor and nurses too.

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Another mother had sent her child to the clinic but the doctor prescribed the wrong medication, hence causing the child to have severe allergy reactions.

“We quickly rushed back to the clinic with our son to seek medical treatment from the doctor.”

“Upon arrival the clinic was closing already. The missy and Dr Loke was standing outside the clinic preparing to leave. We quickly seek help from Dr Loke and was shocked that Dr Loke actually ask us to leave and come back tomorrow as they are closed already and will not entertain us.”

A few other mothers also had to witness their poor children heartlessly pinned down by both the doctor and nurses for check-ups.

Hopefully the clinic will stop operating so unprofessionally and stop making mothers’ hearts ache. And the next time you ever want to visit the doctors, it’s best to read their clinic’s reviews before you do. It IS about a human’s health after all.

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