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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Shooting Massacre in Korat Thailand



Update: Death Toll of 21 at the Korat Shooting Massacre - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Daily Mail

Sgt. Jakraphanth Thomma went on a rampage after killing 12 people on his first day of the mass shooting, as numbers now rise to 21.

After killing his commanding officer, Col  Anantharot Krasae, he stole weapons from the Suatham Phithak military camp in Nakhon Ratchasima, he then made his to the Terminal 21 shopping centre to continue his reign of terror.

Thomma also killed Col Anantharot’s mother-in-law and another soldier

As he drove along the motorway toward the shopping centre, Thomma opened fire on civilians at a house and a Buddhist temple before making his way inside the mall



His killing spree is said to be triggered by an argument over money or land

Having stolen a number of military-grade weapons – which includes a machine gun, two grenades and 700 rounds of ammunition – and a humvee-type vehicle, his arrival at Terminal 1, began with him getting out of his vehicle and firing shots at the public.

One local mentioned that the Thomma was under immense stress after a spat between him and his superior (Col  Anantharot Krasae) over money went sour.


He said “It is time to get excited” and “Nobody can avoid death”

UPDATE: Thai Gunman Who Killed 12 Now Holding 16 People Hostage, Threatens To Blow Them Up - WORLD OF BUZZ

Taking a leaf out of the Christchurch shootings, the man has taken his endeavours to social media, posting earlier images of a pistol and three sets of bullets with the words, “It is time to get excited” and “Nobody can avoid death”.

Soon after, FB disabled his account.

A member of Thailand’s security forces was killed and two were wounded early on Sunday in a raid on the shopping mall – in which a series of explosions and more gunfire could be heard.


Gunman stole 5 guns and hundreds of bullets

Here’s a breakdown of what he stole:

  • 3 HK33 rifles with 736 bullets
  • 2 M60 with 200 bullets
  • A Humvee
Update: Korat Shooting Massacre Now Register 21 Deaths - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Daily Mail

Shooter’s mother tried to persuade him to give up

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Thomma’s mother was taken to the mall to try to persuade him to give up. As she was led to a police car, she was heard saying ‘why did he do it?’ with tears in her eyes.

Videos and images of the shooting has also made its way on social media, with scenes overhearing gunshots bellow in the background.


Update: Korat Shooting Massacre Now Register 21 Deaths - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Daily Mail

He is finally shot dead

The shooter is thought to be holed up in the basement and is exchanging gunfire with officers as they try to bring his rampage to an end.

He has also injured 31 and shot a doctor who was helping an injured person.

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Update: Thai Massacre Ends With Thomma's Death During Police Operation - WORLD OF BUZZ 2