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“Use your bimbo brain,” S’porean Woman Receives Bizarre Rant In Response To Rental Car Complaint



Source: Car Club & Kaidon

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A Singaporean woman recently received a shock following what feels like a regular complaint in regards to a car she was renting.

Ary Ng took to her Facebook page to showcase the customer service response she received after she had complained about her rental car’s handbrake to the Car Club Singapore, the car-sharing service provider she was liaising with. The senior customer service executive who responded basically told Ary to ‘use her bimbo brain‘.

Ary wrote, “So, we were asking for help as the handbrake was too high to be pulled down. And this is the reply we got from them.”

The email response read, “Well noted on your embarrassing complaint. We will need to revise your membership as apparently you did not pass your driving test and might have forged your license thus the ‘handbrake’ issue. Please use a little bit of your bimbo brain as you are wasting precious time for us to handle higher paying/priority members and also smart members who use their brains.”

The customer service executive then went on to dare Ary to email her director, as she plans to quit her job anyways.

“If you are unhappy with this arrangement, please email my director at [email address], I dare you! As I will be quitting this stupid position soon and moving on to greener pastures as I am a High GPA Polytechnic graduate. P.S. I am much better looking and have a hotter body than you,” the customer service executive added.

Ahhh okay. 

It is unsure as to what caused the executive to have such an outburst but Ary was definitely not having it.

“P.S. This lady with a very high GPA for her diploma is not really as smart as she wrote. I mean, it’s okay to ignore out request for assistance, but messages like that? Really? Good luck with your next employment. Bosses who want to hire such a person like you must be really free to handle all your rubbish,” Ary wrote.

Ary shared her initial message for assistance in another post.

“I can’t move the handbrake!! Like, I can’t push the little button,” her complaint read.

The customer service executive’s response was definitely uncalled for, despite whatever she might be enduring at her workplace that has made her want to go out with such a bang.

World of Buzz has since reached out to the Car Club Singapore but have yet to receive a response.

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Source: Kaidon
Source: Car Club

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