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USM Will Take Action Against Sharing Fake News After Malaysian Accused Them Of Not Providing Food



Source: New Straits Times and Sinar Harian

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University students are urged to stay within the compounds of the university throughout Movement Control Order (MCO). This is to ensure that they get to break the infection chain of Covid-19.

The government has also taken a few initiatives to ensure the well-being of students are looked after and that universities have implement strategies such as providing free food for the students in campus.

Given the difficult situation, various parties are doing the best that they can to take care of the students. However, the spreading of fake news can undermine all the efforts that have been taken thus far and it causes worry among the society.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has given out strict warning to those who recklessly spread fake news and unverified information that can tarnish the credibility of the university. This warning was given in a statement on USM’s official Facebook page on 14 April after a tweet had gone viral, sparking worry and outrage among netizens.

In the tweet, the user claims that their sibling who is in USM is experiencing a difficult situation as her food allocation has been stopped. The user further expressed their worries stating that their sibling might not be able to get food supplies. This viral tweet then prompted the university to address the issue.

In their public statement, USM stated that they will not hesitate to take further lawful actions towards any individual that spreads fake information about the institution on other platforms. USM also urged people to stop putting out statements that are not true as it does not reflect the varsity’s values.

According to the Student Council of USM, students in campus are given coupons worth RM5 each and they are able to use it to purchase their meals in the hostel cafeterias.

USM also addressed another situation where a possible student was spreading misinformation stating USM is providing food that is not of quality to students.

In the post, the user can be seen complaining that the food they have been receiving is only fit for the homeless people and this is how their maid’s food would look back at home. Which we should point out is VERY disrespectful to say that by the way.

It’s sad to witness selfish actions like these because, given the current circumstance, some people are struggling to even put food on the table.

We are currently in a situation where tension is running high and some people are in a constant state of worry. Reckless acts such as spreading fake news and unverified information can inflict more worries in the society. Please ensure that the information that you are going to send out is verified by authentic sources to avoid spreading of fake news.

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Source: Sinar Harian
Source: Facebook
Source: Sinar Harian

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