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Vaping Caused 7 People to Die By Lung Disease, A Total of 530 Cases Reported



More Tragedies from Vaping Illness; 7 deaths and 530 cases reported - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NYTimes

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That’s it, no more dragon breaths.

More Death in USA Caused By Vaping - WORLD OF BUZZ


Remember the mysterious lung disease caused by vaping from weeks ago? It killed a total of 7 people now and put 530 people in the hospital.

Source: NY Times

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) was even thoughtful enough to share the demographic information of the patients. So if you feel like you have these traits, your vape may need to retire.

  • 3/4 of the victims were male.
  • 2/3 of the victims were around the age of 18 to 34-year-old.
  • 16% were under the age of 18.

The cause of this rash of vaping illness hasn’t been identified yet BUT according to reports, most patients with lung injuries used THC vaping devices.

After collecting 150 vape samples, The FDA found vitamin E acetate in some test samples but not one ingredient is common in every sample.
“We are expecting more deaths to come,” said the Principal Deputy Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr Anne Schuchat.

A Missouri man around his 40s died due to lung infection that was related to electronic cigarettes earlier this week and it was the 8th death in US reported by the Mid-State Health Center.

Source: iNews

Due to this sudden illness, Michigan and New York enacted laws banning e-cigarettes. Shouldn’t we do the same? 

The illness has not yet been reported in Malaysia but we still have to stay vigilant. To those of you that vape, it would be best to tone it down a little.


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