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Video: 2 Kind M’sian Men Rescue Injured Dog From Owner Who Wanted To Abandon It



Video: Two M'sian Men Rescue Injured Dog From Owner Who Wanted To Abandon It - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

It’s almost like we can’t go a single day without some serious incident of animal neglect or cruelty these days. While many of us strive to give our pets and indeed, other animals love, care and affection, there still exist those who simply do nothing but treat animals with heartless abandon. Don’t believe us? Then just watch this video that was recently shared to a Facebook group.

In the video, which has since gone viral, a man allegedly from Johor was seen stopping by the roadside with his driver’s side car door open. From his open car door, we can see that he has a dog held on by a chain leash, who appears to be rather friendly as it wags its tail.

Source: Facebook

But as the video pans closer, we realise that the driver of the car is being approached by two men, one filming the video and the other who was moving in from the front of the car, before surrounding him from both sides. It is apparent that they knew what the driver of the car was planning to do to the poor dog, who is also visibly injured from its bleeding paws.

“Hand us the dog. We will bring the dog to a shelter.”, one of them says.

“You can’t abandon the dog on the highway like this, or the dog will die.”

Source: Facebook

When cornered like this, the man had no choice but to reflect on his actions and begins to feel bad for wanting to abandon his dog. He tries to justify his actions by saying that he raised the dog up himself and didn’t have the heart to give him up, but the dog eventually became too much of a nuisance in the house. 

Obviously, the two men didn’t think that was a good enough reason for the driver to simply abandon his injured dog by the roadside, going as far as to say that this reflects badly on his character. The owner of the dog defends himself by saying that ‘he is human too’. By that point, the two men were so fed up, they decided on one solution.

“You give us your photo and number, and we take the dog to a better home. Then we can send you photos of it.” they said.

His response? “I don’t want that. I don’t have the heart to see it somewhere else.”

Which begs the question as to why he even wanted to abandon his bleeding dog by the side of a highway to begin with!

It is unclear whether the poor dog was rescued or not, as the video shortly cuts off after one of the two kind men said that what makes one person different from another is whether he or she has a heart. Which we think, is absolutely true. They then take the dog away from his owner.

We definitely hope that the poor dog was rescued and brought to a proper shelter, and thank both the kind men for their good deed. If you have a pet of your own, always remember that it is your responsibility to take care of it, and that having a pet isn’t a momentary slice of heaven that you can give up once the going gets tough. 


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