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Video of Cruel Chinese Vendors Selling Cute Puppies Like Toys on Street Goes Viral



Viral Video Shows Puppies Tightly Wrapped in Cloths are Sold Like Toys on Street - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Facebook

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Recently, a tourist from Czech Republic who travelled to China, shared a video he shot of what he had witnessed on the street of Lanzhou and the content is just shocking. Here’s what he said:

“When we were in the pedestrian zone in Lanzhou, we came across some vendors who appeared to be selling puppies on the street. At first we couldn’t believe our own eyes, and we thought they were selling some sort of soft toy.”

“But upon closer inspection, we discovered that those ‘toys’ were real puppies dressed in colourful costumes.”

Source: Facebook

From the short video, it appears that there were at least 10 vendors doing the same despicable business on the crowded street. Sitting in front of them were boxes of puppies tightly tucked in the box.

Most of them were dressed in colourful costumes to make them more appealing to the buyers. Their hind legs were wrapped with cloths to restrict their movement.

Source: Facebook

To make things worse, the vendors were seen handling the puppies in a very harsh manner. One female vendor grabbed the neck of the puppy to move it around to showcase the choices to a potential buyer.

Source: Facebook

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the video was the fact that this business strategy actually attracted quite a number of people who were seen lining up to view the ‘product’ instead of rescuing them. I wonder what went through their minds?!

Source: Facebook

This outrageous video went viral on Facebook and in just three days, it was shared over 59,900 times. Netizens and animal lovers were absolutely disgusted by these horrible animal sellers.

“She (vendor) treated the baby animals like toys! They are living creatures and shouldn’t be treated like objects! These babies should be with their mothers! They need to sleep, eat and be comfortable at home, not wrapped in cloths and being sold at the noisy street!” a Facebook user said.

“It’s not okay for the puppies to be restricted like this for the whole day! They need to move, eat and use the bathroom!” another netizen commented. 

First they eat dog meat, now they’re selling puppies like toys. What’s next China?!

Here’s the cruel video that’s tugging our heartstrings. 🙁


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