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Video: Helpless Dog Hung & DRAGGED By Lorry On Road In Klang



Source: Facebook

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There was recently a case where a man in Banting had hung a dog from a tree, to which he was later fined RM40,000 for his cruel actions.

It seems the action taken against the man didn’t serve as a message to the general public as well as it was supposed to.

The Malaysia Animal Association took to their Facebook page to showcase a poor, helpless dog hung to the back of a lorry being dragged on the road as the lorry is being driven through Klang.

Seekor anjing dilihat digantung sambil diseret dibelakang lori yang menghala ke Pulau Carey Klang Selangor. Perbuatan ikat, gantung dan seret anjing sambil lori bergerak laju adalah satu perbuatan zalim jika pemandunya sengaja melakukan aksi ngeri yang kejam ini. Lori bernombor plate WXP7123 dengan pemandu dan kelandan kedua-duanya berbangsa India diminta tampil beri penjelasan.Saksi kejadian akan melaporkan hal ini kepada pihak berkuasa untuk siasatan dan pendakwaan atas jerutan dan seretan anjing sambil lori bergerak laju.Animal Malaysia dimaklumkan saksi bahawa anjing masih bernyawa sewaktu saksi mengikut rapat lori dari belakang manakala kulit anjing sudah mulai tersiat-siat.Jika ada beberapa saksi lain lagi yang turut melihat kejadian. Animal Malaysia rayu supaya lebih ramai tampil untuk mengukuhkan keterangan berhubung kejadian. Boleh Whatsapp Animal Malaysia +601120901097. #dvs #perhilitan #pbt #animals #stray #wildlife #wild #wildanimals #dogs #cats #strayanimals #saveouranimals #cruelty #animalcruelty #saveourstray #feeder #animalfeeder #law #justice #voice #advocacy #animallaw #animaladvocacy #animalvoice #animaljustice #malaysiaanimals #animalmalaysia #malaysiaanimalassociation#aktakebajikanhaiwan2015 #aktapemuliharaanhidupanliar2010

Posted by Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association on Monday, June 1, 2020

They wrote, “A dog can be seen hung and dragged from the back of a lorry heading towards Carey Island, Klang. The act of tying, hanging and dragging the dog as the lorry is moving fast is an act of cruelty, if the driver were to have done this gruesome act on purpose.”

In the video, the witness who filmed the incident could be heard honking at the lorry in an attempt to stop or alert them.

“Number plate WXP7123, both the driver and passenger of the lorry have been asked to step forward with an explanation. The witness is going to make a report about this to the authorities so that an investigation is launched to prosecute you against the actions of choking and dragging the dog while driving fast.”

The witness told the Malaysia Animal Association that the dog was still alive at the time as they followed closely behind the lorry, but its skin had begun to come off.

If there are more witnesses out there, the Malaysia Animal Association urges them to step forward to confirm details of the incident via WhatsApp at +601120901097.

We genuinely hope that the authorities get to the bottom of this, and serve heavy punishments so cruelty against animals can be reduced dramatically.

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