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Video: Loving M’sian Wife Rides Wheelchair To Understand Paralympic Husband’s Training



Video: The Hardship Of Riding Wheelchairs Shown By M'sian Wife Who Rode Wheelchair To Understand Her Disabled Husband - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Twitter & Sinar Harian

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Once a disabled person has found their way around their disability, they become inspirational. We may never know just how much effort they put into living a normal life, and if we were to spend a day in their shoes, who knows if we could survive!

As it turns out, riding a wheelchair is an exercise on its own, and this loving wife quickly found out.

In a video shared by Firdaus Ibrahim on Twitter, we can see how much effort it would take for a person to push themselves in the wheelchair, especially on an incline.

“Took my wife to join me training today.

I told her that I ride up the hill every day.

So she told me that she wanted to give it a try,

there you go.”

Firdaus Ibrahim is a tennis Paralympic sportsman who hails from Perak. The man and his wife went viral a few months ago when he revealed his wife’s method ofto wooing him at the beginning of their relationship.

The video shows how much his wife, Siti Fatimah, struggles to push herself up the incline in a wheelchair. You can even hear her praise her husband’s arm strength.  Do you think you are up for it?

“”Awesome! Doing this regularly will keep you healthy!”

“Riding it uphill is considered as training as well right?”

“That’s right! To train muscle durability!”

“Your arms must be strong to push yourself up the hill, even the normal route will make me tired.”

Source: Twitter

The video warms our hearts, as she puts in so much effort to understand her husband – which is unbelievably sweet. Single people, please stay strong.

“Hope that both of you gain eternal happiness. To be together through hardship and ease is beautiful for those who understand.”

Source: Twitter

Don’t you think that paralympic sports are completely underrated? Maybe everyone should give riding around in a wheelchair for a day a try once in their lifetime to understand disabled people better.


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