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Video: Religious School Student Violently Beats Up Bully For Teasing His Dead Father’s Name



Video: Religious School Student Violently Beats Up Bully For Teasing His Dead Father's Name - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. That’s the common rule that should be practiced and yet, isn’t. As a result, bullying cases that involve schoolchildren and even adults have begun to skyrocket, leaving many of their victims in varying states of trauma, whether mental or physical, depending on the extent of the bullying.

But sometimes, in very rare instances, vengeance can be delivered. And when it does happen, it is never pretty, just as this video uploaded by Twitter netizen @pong_krong goes to show.

Allegedly taking place in a religious school, the 2 minute and 20 second video shows a group of boys surrounding another boy who had been beaten down to the ground. While the context of it may be unclear, let us explain what was claimed to have happened before the beatings.

Source: Twitter

The boy who is standing was said to have recently gone through the painful grief of losing his father, and instead of offering him an ear or a shoulder for support, his bully decided that it was a good idea to tease him with the name of his recently deceased father.

Source: Twitter

Once, twice, the bullied boy did nothing to stop his bully from teasing his deceased father. But as things got worse, things took a turn for the worst where the bully was concerned. In a fit of anger, the victim angrily beat his bully down to the ground, which is where the video starts.

Source: Twitter

Despite a friend trying to calm him down, the victim of the bullying incident was inconsolable and tried to strike his bully with a chair, before deciding to use his fists on him instead, punching him repeatedly after his bully climbed off the ground!

Source: Twitter

Still not satisfied, he continues to beat up his bully, going to the extent of punching him to the ground again and then forcefully throwing a whole chair on him! The beating continues to intensify, with the victim of the bullying reaching to clutch him by the throat, and then tossing him down to punch him repeatedly. The video then cuts off abruptly.

Source: Twitter

While none of us here may condone violence, especially when it is this brutal, it really comes to show that bullying, regardless of whether if you are the instigator or the victim, never ends well. But again, this raises the question as to why this severe incident was even allowed to happen in the first place, without the regulation of a class teacher?

Netizens who saw the video rallied behind the victim of the bully, saying that the bully got what he deserved in the end for tormenting him with the name of his deceased father.

What do you guys think? Was this justice served right, or should this have been brought to a teacher’s attention instead? 


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