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Video Shows Cows Collapsing & Crying as Slaughterhouse Pumps Water into Their Bodies for 12 Hours



Cows Collapse And Cry After Getting Water Pumped Into Their Bodies For 12 Hours By Slaughterhouse - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinchew

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In November 2018, two slaughterhouses in Anhui province, China were exposed because they inhumanely pumped water into cows’ bodies several hours before getting slaughtered. This cruel practice only came to light after undercover journalists traced the suspiciously cheap meat in the market back to the slaughterhouses located in Quanjiao and Laian counties.

According to Sinchew, the journalists saw four cows being chained to a railing with plastic tubes pumping water into their nostrils. The cows were suffering and their stomach looked round and bloated. Some cows couldn’t stand the extra water weight and collapsed to the ground. Tears could even be seen welling up in their eyes and streaming down their faces. Oh no, poor cows! 

Source: Youtube


Source: Sinchew

It was understood that the water-pumping procedure is usually done 12 hours prior to the slaughter and it is usually carried out in different stages. The water weight could reportedly reach up to 60 kilogrammes and this meat would then be sold to wholesalers and school canteens at low prices.

On 16 November, local authorities ambushed two premises in Laian and Quanjiao after being tipped off. The workers in Laian slaughterhouse immediately pulled out the tubes when the police came knocking on their door. They denied pumping the water at first but eventually had to admit it after being shown the videos taken by the undercover journalists.

Source: Sinchew

On the other hand, four workers and a manager were caught red-handed at Quanjiao premise during the raid. The workers admitted that the practice is cruel but the manager shockingly said that the cows were to be slaughtered anyway, so pumping water into them didn’t matter. Also, he said the procedure will only add five to 10 kilograms to the cows’ weight at most. 

“We find it hard to watch the animals as well, we do not want to do it,” a worker at Quanjiao slaughterhouse said.

It is believed that the procedure would affect the nutritional value and quality of the beef while increasing the risk of contamination from dirty water. This disturbing practice has caused an uproar among local netizens with many slamming the owners for being heartless.

“If you have to kill the animals, just kill them and make it straightforward,” a netizen commented. 

In total, 13 cows were rescued and 29 workers were nabbed in the operation that night. Hopefully, the police can intensify the raid and put a stop to this inhumane practice.

Here’s the video that was taken at the slaughterhouses. 

What do you think of these slaughterhouses’ practice of pumping water into the cows’ bodies? 


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