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Video Shows Woman Holding Nozzle Gushing With Petrol, But Here’s What You Can Do When This Happens



Source: Facebook

Filling up a petrol tank at the gas station can be a tricky business for some, and if you’re unfamiliar with how the whole thing operates, doing it alone can be quite a daunting task.

But once you get the hang of it, it’s actually not that difficult, unless of course, the petrol booth malfunctions and you’re left with either a stuck credit card or an uncontrollable gush of petrol that overspills and starts flooding the ground.

Something like this:

In situations like this, what CAN you do?

Well, there’s actually an emergency stop button on the petrol booth that you can press to stop the flow of petrol from the nozzle!

If you already knew about this, then you’re all good. But it seems like not many people are aware of this button that could just save their lives!

Source: shuxianblog

The video above was shared on Facebook, and many netizens were commenting that they didn’t know this emergency button exists.

“Actually most of us including me wouldn’t know that. Thank you for sharing good info. Maybe need change to Panic Button,” a netizen commented.

“I never knew the existence of the emergency button at the petrol kiosk until I see this video.”

“I also dunno there is an Emergency Button. Thanks for sharing.”

That Emergency Stop Button was probably installed just in case anything went wrong with the petrol pump. Well, now you know what to do if the handle on the petrol nozzle gets stuck, or if you simply can’t stop the petrol from flowing out.


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