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Vietnamese Woman Horrified After Finding Out Her Adopted Daughter Became Pregnant By Her Husband



Source: ETtoday

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A woman was horrified when she discovered that her adopted daughter whom she had raised for 10 years became pregnant by her own husband.

A Vietnamese woman, nicknamed NH, was living with her husband in Australia and had been happily married. After having four sons together, NH and her husband wanted to have a daughter and decided to adopt their niece, who was about six or seven years old at the time. This is because NH’s sister was unable to raise the girl as she had financial problems.

NH then took the initiative and expressed her willingness to adopt her niece, M, and raise her as her own daughter. NH thought that after adopting her niece, she and her husband would have a daughter like they always wished they had and their family would be happier. However, NH did not expect that M would eventually become the cause of her marital crisis.

What NH did not know is that during the 10 plus years of raising M, her niece had gradually become close to her husband. M had also become more mature with a slim body, according to ETtoday, and even had sex with her husband while she was away.

M often calls NH “mother” intimately and is also very friendly with her four stepbrothers, who are also her cousins. Because of this, NH has was not wary of M at all until one day, NH noticed that M’s figure had changed and her husband seemed very distant from her.

After investigating carefully, NH discovered the horrible truth, but by then it was too late. M was pregnant.

“I found out that my husband was ‘stolen’ by my niece. I didn’t want to tolerate it anymore and decided to confront M about it and end the marriage with my husband,” NH said.

The worst part about the whole situation was that NH discovered the shocking truth that M’s biological mother, who is her sister, was aware of the affair. Not only did NH’s sister not stop the affair but helped M to hide it.

After discussing with her lawyer, NH speculates that M might have done it to obtain an Australian household registration and identity.


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Source: ETtoday
Source: Ettoday
Source: ETtoday

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