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Vigilant Lady Spotted Human Trafficker on Bus Before He Could Sell Baby Off



Lady Acts on Her Instinct and Saves a Kidnapped Baby From Being Sold Off - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily

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Thanks to the vigilance of this lady, a man who turned out to be behind a baby-selling business was recently caught red-handed.

Last Tuesday, a lady named Lee took the bus home after she got off from work. Everything seemed fine until a man clad in a white shirt suddenly boarded the bus.

Lee, who was alert of her surroundings, noticed that he looked anxious as he took his seat without paying for the bus fare first. Also, the baby he was holding appeared to have cried prior to this and he patted the baby’s back harder than an experienced parent would. 

Perhaps the biggest giveaway was that the baby was wearing short sleeves. The baby’s clothing raised even more suspicion because the weather in Sichuan, China is now chilly after Mid-Autumn Festival and any loving father would at least let the baby wear long sleeved, warmer clothes.

All these irregularities made Lee doubtful that this man was the baby’s father. She then quietly made her way to the back of the bus before taking pictures of him and the baby, which were then sent to the local police’s social media.

There were still two more stops before the bus reached the terminal. Unfortunately, her phone was running out of battery and was on the verge of shutting down, so she thought of following the man.

The bus then stopped at the last station before proceeding to the terminal. Since the man didn’t disembark, she reckoned that he would switch to a train at the terminal.

So, she quickly got off the bus and rushed home to call the police. After two hours, the police called Lee and told her that the man and the baby were picked up by the police at the train station.

They also confirmed that the baby was indeed kidnapped and ready to be sold off. The authority thanked Lee on behalf of the baby’s family for acting quickly.

Her heroic act quickly went viral on social media as netizens thanked her for staying alert and took action instead of letting him slip away. You go, girl!

We definitely need more people like Lee in this world!


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