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Viral Uncle Kentang Forced To Stop Donating Money To Some After People Exploit His Kindness



Source: Kuan Chee Heng

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Kindness is a wonderful thing, as many of us are willing to attest to. A little bit of it can truly help brighten someone’s day, and you may never know how it would sometimes even go as far as to change someone’s life. However, as with all virtues, kindness can be exploited if one isn’t careful.

And unfortunately, some truly unscrupulous individuals have done exactly that. Just recently, Uncle Kentang, or Uncle Kuan Chee Heng as he is known among those he helps, has announced over Facebook that he will no longer be offering financial assistance after a number of people started exploiting his generosity and kindness.

Uncle Kentang, who is best known for helping poor families pay for their funerary expenses while providing other forms of aid to the underprivileged community, mentioned in Facebook that he will now exclusively be turning his attentions to assisting poor families who need help with funerary arrangements.

“I feel sad. I give them once (financial aid), and they ask again, and again. I won’t respond to any more requests from now on.

I will only be responding to families who need immediate aid for funerary arrangements.” he said.

He even reveals how people are exploiting his generousity by using different phone numbers and different bank accounts, BUT is the same person.

He has also revealed that that he will only be offering food aid to the poor living in the Puchong area, due to a lack of capital. No further financial aid will be given or sent out. He has advised people who need financial aid to reach out to other NGOs for the time being.

We hope that incidents like these will not discourage Uncle Kentang from helping the community, and wish him continued health when conducting his endeavours! 


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Source: Pena Jalanan

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